Magical Conversations

You are facing multiple business challenges and the effective management of your staff during this crisis is an absolute priority.

Not only that, but you also likely face unspoken fears and may have a hard time dealing with your team’s fears, and thus your team performance suffers.

When there’s a noticeable lack of communication flowing from top management, it has the potential to create a sense of panic, and likely already has … the last thing that you, as CEO needs if you expect to maintain a level of productivity.

That’s why clear and communication is a priority to maintain and increase the productivity of your firm. And that’s why we offer you our eBook,
Magical Conversations in a Crisis.

Improve Communication

Valuing the personal potential of your people is a critical factor not only to survival but long-term growth and expansion.  As CEO you are continually facing the roller coaster of unknowns that the pandemic is causing.  It is vital that as CEO you recognize and address the emotional tensions, misunderstandings and natural human fears that may lie under the surface across your workforce.

Think about this: your organization’s future prosperity is facing unprecedented obstacles and opportunities. Fear, frustration and getting stuck in old paradigms can dim and, in many cases, crush the flow of creative juices around you as the current pandemic changes the landscape of business forever.

Magical Conversations in a Crisis explores a new paradigm for injecting hope into your corporate culture while infusing healthy high-performance octane into your workforce even in a high stress environment. It will work to help you carry your leadership vision forward while providing an opportunity for you to prepare to grow your business once you emerge from the tunnel you have inadvertently found yourself in.

Now it is time for you as a business leader to value the power of human emotion, natural talents, and the desire of people to ‘work together’ for the collective goals set in these challenging months ahead. Our guide makes your life easier and shines a light forward into the future.

Among the insights you will receive:

  • How to best keep the troops happy and engaged
  • How to deliver a communications strategy to get the most out of your team
  • Coaching your team to pull together and work better as a team … even remotely
  • Extending longer-term strategies for maintaining team energy and perseverance
  • Recognizing gender dynamics and principles to communicating to each strategically
  • Embed team collaboration to innovate new ideas into your corporate culture
  • Strategies to lead your people as assets and deliver communications that inspire the top team and workforce to trust you in crisisInput your text in this area

Your people are the lifeblood of your business and proper communication strategies are vital.  Your entity’s culture is more important than ever, and when you download and use the guide properly and effectively, you’ll begin to understand the essence of gender dynamics, add more energy to your communication style, and enhance the relationships among you and your entire team. 

Our ebook alerts you to the questions to ask yourself, the communication hotspots that need addressing, and gives you a new map for immediate and long-term  to deliver an ultimate strategic engagement plan that supports an inclusive leadership style so that people work WITH you; not FOR you

Dr. Pauline Crafword

Communication Strategist

CEO Corporate Health International

President, World Association of Visioners and Entreprenologist


Having lived and worked across three continents, Pauline is an international speaker who engages her audiences in a lively mindset shift regarding the often ‘misunderstood’ communication between men and women. Her vision is to bring sustainable business growth into balance with life needs, health, and wellbeing.

It is key to critical now to bring masculine and feminine energy, with logic, emotion, and spiritual intelligence, putting the heart into business as vital to our world post pandemic. She says, “real synergy only works when diverse individuals value their differences and can share a new narrative about business and life.”

International Speaker, Conversation Change Maker, designer of Gender Dynamics© Intelligence (GDI), Certified Image Consultant, Relational Quotient (RQ) Coach, Magical Conversations Host, Published Author and Educator


UK clients include British Telecoms, Barclays, Marriot, Zeneca, GSK, Hewlett Packard, eBay, Innovation Norway, Urenco, Metropolitan Police, Zeneca, Watson Wyatt Worldwide, and many major Law Firms. In Malaysia/Asia Pacific for 4 years, with Ministry, University and Educational Institutions as well as corporate clients. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada USA and established Corporate Heart International from a US base.


BA Sociology and Statistics, MBA and PhD in Entreprenology, research in Wellness Cultures in UK organizations, Past President/Life Member of the Federation of Image Consultants UK 1992-94 (FIPI); current President of World Association of Visioneers & Entreprenologists (WAVE est. 1991 Hawaii) Director of the International University of Entreprenology (IUE est.1972 Hawaii). 2016-21 the Chairperson of the Permanent Commission for Social Issues and Women Entrepreneurs at The World Union of Small and medium Enterprises (WUSME) with consultative status at the United Nations

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